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Design from a play perspective

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What can PlayDesigner offer you?

Child Culture Design - PinPin Studio

PinPin Studio is a recently started collaboration between Karl-Johan Ekeroth and Christian Strömqvist. At PinPin studio, we take care of all kinds of design, for kids and grownups, with play as our primary motivation.


Product design

Working with product design is wotking with the relation between people and man made objects. PlayDesigner does everything from creating an interesting concept, to deliver a finished product, and everything in between.


Spatial design

This field of work focuses upon the flow of space between interior and exterior environments both in the private and public realm. PlayDesigner focus on working with the relation between people and space. How people experience and use it.


Visualisation and 3D modeling

3D is a perfect tool for showing other people what's in your brain but doesn't yet exist in real life. PlayDesigner can provide you with most within visualisation and 3D-graphics. Still images or moving images, CAD-files or game assets.


Video - Shooting and Editing

Video making is one of the things offered by PlayDesigner. Everything from shoting video to post production. Dslr-shooting has made it possible to shoot stunning video to a very reasonable prize. A viral video is an amazing way to reach out to a lot of people.


Sculpture and other art things

Check out some of my sculptural work. Both by my self but also in cooperation with some very talented friends. It was with sculpture I started to experiment with form and luckily there has been quite a lot of it lately.

  • Today I continued my tour to some of my talented friend’s work places. Me and my new friend Masaki, went to visit Masayoshi Oya in his workshop at Sockerbruket. This guy is a really talented ceramic artist with roots in Japan. He came to Sweden some years ago, to further educate himself in ceramic art. [...]

  • Today I visited my good friend James Thompson at his jewelry workshop in Kortedala. A really nice place for some really nice work. Check out his website if you like composites and jewelry. He makes some really cool stuff. Anyhow, it was really nice to see where he hangs out and how he makes his jewelry. I [...]

  • Back home from lovely Dalsland. I spent a couple of days there with my friends. I just had time to start helping them with one of the mini golf courses for their art history golf challenge. Their plan was to make famous pieces of art in miniature scale to use as obstacles for the mini [...]

  • Today I arrived to Fengersfors in Dalsland to visit some friends. They’re making a miniature golf corse with historical art pieces as the obstacles. It’s a very nice idea for a golf course. Miniature sculpture golf course. I love it. So tomorrow I’ll start to make a miniature version of Lars Vilks Nimis. Let’s see [...]

  • This Friday we finished the sculpture symposium here in Greenwich. Around 20 artistis from all over the world contributed with fantastic sculptures that at this moment can be viewed at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, Connecticut. My sculpture, which is untitled at the moment, was finished after a really tough week of welding [...]

  • Today was a hard day in Greenwich. Started working at eight o’clock. Welding, welding, grinding, grinding. All day until six. My arms are a bit tired, I have to say. It turns out good though. Tomorrow is the last day and I really have to focus to get all finished for the presentation in the afternoon. [...]

  • Hola compadres! Yesterday was great. I got a lot done on the sculpture and after half a days work we went on a boat ride to see the fireworks on the Hudson river. It was magical. I could write a lot about this but I have to go out in the sunshine and finish my [...]

  • Ok, so today I’ve got a lot done. I’ve cut all my plates and started to weld them together. It’s actually quicker than I thought. Hopefully I’ll get some work done tomorrow as well. This evening we had a lovely dinner with our host family. They cooked lobster, stake and corn amongst other things. It [...]

  • Holy shit. I will never forget this day. We got up really early today to go and get our material for our sculptures. First we went to get Jens’s stuff at a metal workshop close by, then me and Mary went to Brooklyn to get my steel plates. That was a trip I’ll tell you. [...]

  • Today we spent another fantastic day in New York. Me, Jens, Arne, Marjolein and Maurizio visited New Museum in SoHo, a worthless pancake cafe on Greene street and bunch of really good design stores. We also had a taxi race with “follow that car” influences. To sum it up: a really good day in New [...]

  • Francisco bending metal   There is a quite importent thing missing on this sculpture symposium. The material. Most of the artists got theirs, but me and Jens are still waiting for ours. Because of this I’ve had to change the design for my sculpture. It’s nothing big but it will go much quicker to produce [...]

  • This morning me and Jens decided not to sit around and wait for our lost material, so we went to New York.  Today was really hot. Really, really hot. First we went to MoMA, one of my favorite art museums. We saw some fantastic works. The one that really got to me was a video [...]